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Reveal LIVE! Entertainment is an emerging media, marketing and merchandising brand that stands for quality content, context, community and commerce in all forms of music, live performance, cultural expression and the celebration of the human experience. “Reveal” will be known primarily for its music, culture, style and attitude. Compelling storytelling. The unexpected. Disruptive. Unique. Surprising. Reveal reflects the changing world of the millennial lifestyle.

Reveal is showcasing new and emerging talent; storytelling about the people and places you’ve never seen; going deeper into travel, food, concerts, alternative health, sustainability, technology and innovation and the global music uniting us all.

It’s musicians you’ve never heard of; new music, behind the scenes content at events and video content that will surprise your eyes. It’s where rock meets country, where hip-hop meets cannabis, where science meets food, travel meets sustainable living and where the tattoo culture is celebrated by both teens and grandparents.

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